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    Default clarification

    I just want to see if i have this right--

    For pvpers..you can buy this Merc set that has worse stats than blue pve equipment..but has valor and vengeance ..

    However, you dont need any of it..because all are given the stats from it no matter if they're naked or not (in warfronts)

    It's real purpose is to upgrade to the next tier set..which you cant start working on til you're p60 and takes an insanely long time to acquire.

    The only synergy crystals available require you to pve (or afk during world events in the zone) .. and to upgrade the crystal zeroes out all its stats til you have the tier 2 pvp set which you can get around p 70 or 80..

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    You so are damn cute... O M G

    not as cute as Charlice

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    You can get lesser pvp essences that are bolstered anyway too.

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