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Thread: Ranks, Titles, Level Requires, PvP Explained??

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    Default Ranks, Titles, Level Requires, PvP Explained??

    Is there a place where you can go and see what PvP ranks = what titles, what level you have to be to get what rank and the like?

    For example.

    At level 50 you can rank up to Rank 50? Rank 60? Do you have to hit rank 60 to get to max PvP rank? Is that 60 or 70?

    Trion's website seems to have very little information about this and it's sort of frustrating.

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    Level 50-59 allows up to rank 50
    Level 60 allows up to to rank 60 (or is it 70? I forget)
    I also don't remember the titles
    Even free cost too much now

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