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Thread: Mages cant compete with rogues!

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    Default Mages cant compete with rogues!

    title is just to bring the mages in with their tears already turned on, till they see this:
    Mages cant compete with rogues!-mage-op.jpg
    rank 49 - 60 warfont, warrior with full merc gear, but even if i wasnt it'd all be auto converted anyway.

    on the other hand, i had a rogue twin shot hit me for 3.5k each crit for a combined 7k yesterday.

    oh wait, i'm in heavy armor, and somehow that's meant to make me indestructable (atleast according to every mage/rogue/cleric who posts here).

    rogues are OP....clerics are OP....mages are OP.
    warriors are free bloodthirsty procs for the other three.

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    Or to put it more simply, it doesn't matter if you're topping the charts if you're killing the wrong people.

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    Every been hit by nysyr's rebuke for a total of 21k?
    Now THAT is damage.
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    Rogues scoff at that. Only been messing with this build for less than 24 hours. Liking some of the results on crit . Now to just get rid of that pesky -5% crit chance our War PA gives everybody. A few of my good hits in the last couple hours. If only I could see how high I could hit using the NB opener for 20% more damage




    ps. Armor/resists are more normalized across the board it seems, although I haven't asked a warrior where they sit. I know my rogue sits around 16.8% physical damage reduction via armor. Maybe rogues are OP at mitigation but I see some warriors who must have talents spec'd because, if it's any class, I see some warriors take consistently less damage. The rest of the callings seem to have to pop temps.
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    New round up of some high rank matches
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