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Thread: so... how about those rogue dps gear

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    Default so... how about those rogue dps gear

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    Here's a picture of my incoming damage taken sorted by max hit: http://i.imgur.com/BAYMr.png
    Here's the #1 (sierra) dude's parse: http://i.imgur.com/75wGS.png
    here's #2 (dimitri): http://i.imgur.com/T1GmF.png
    Here's #3 sagitarius: http://i.imgur.com/BRzFf.png
    Harming (warrior): http://i.imgur.com/8MIdY.png
    Daon (cleric) is still overpowered: http://i.imgur.com/dlMlV.png
    Aquafria (good rogue): http://i.imgur.com/zlObm.png
    Somehow nefy used deadeye shot as a warrior: http://i.imgur.com/e4waK.png

    I'll post more later.

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