There is supposed to be a lot of unbalance at level 60, and it is understandable that it is going to take a while for more people to hit 60 in order for the unbalances to be more obvious. Regardless, please make sure that these are tackled and balanced quickly because I fear that more PvPers are going to be leaving.

I also suggest World PvP to be promoted more. Currently, with both factions being able to guild with eachother, many people have been leaving PvP servers in order to do this. There may be other reasons as well for people leaving PvP servers, please forgive me for not knowing them specifically, but the issue is that we don't want our last existing PvP server to die off.

Also, while I am at it, I believe that many more people will get into PvP if we changed how the daily Random Warfront reward works. Right now, it is one of the only few ways that low level PvPers are capable of getting gear. Sure, someone might say that it is their fault if new players are incapable of finding all the ways to get gear from PvP and such, but these ways of gearing your low level aren't always apparent. It is OK if the experience bonus is only once per day, but I propose that it would be great for low levels if there were more equipment caches. Without getting upgrades from PvP, new players may see themselves dying often or dealing little damage with improper gear for their level and learn to dislike PvP due to an unfair disadvantage.

Thank you to everyone who took their time to read my suggestion / post feedback below