I need to vent after being stuck in that pile of crap pvp..... So am I the only one who thinks this PvP is the worst it's been ever? It honestly feels like none of this got tested at all, not a single bit, there is so many broken class skills that I can't even be bothered to list every single one here, mages have it by far the worst at the moment, no defense, no crit rate (8% max crit at lvl60 lmfao!), horrible healing... we are litterally free kills just walking around waiting to die to the first anything other then mage to hit us. The only time I manage to do any decent damage is if I reflect someone op thing back at them.

Is mage really meant to need 1500crit to get 1% critrate? or is that broken, and is our SP really meant to be under half a damage point per one? I get the feeling mages ain't scaling right with the SP, every other class seems to get a nice benifit in damage as they increase AP/SP but mages get close to nothing.