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Thread: probs with random wf queue (no sl yet)

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    Default probs with random wf queue (no sl yet)

    Having probs queueing random wfs, can't afford sl till next week...

    If the new wf pops I can't get out of it, have to log out then back in and try requeueing,
    but with the new wf being the weekend wf, I don't think I'll be able to run any randoms, that's
    what pops all the time o.O

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    Que for all the WF's except the new one.

    Honestly without the expansion - you won't get gear you can upgrade into. If you did you couldn't wear it. The best part of the dailies is the XP chunk for level progression at the end. PA xp comes dime a dozen in SL, so I wouldn't worry about the status of that.

    What I am saying is - this does suck. But dodging just the new WF shouldn't hinder you too much if you already are logging in without the expansion. I would just let the daily go and que up for all but the new one until you can purchase it. You won't miss much by not doing the daily while stuck at 50.
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    also don't play a stealthed rogue if many levels 53, 54 in opposite team, is much easier for them to track you :P

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