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Thread: Port Scion NPC's

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    Default Port Scion NPC's

    Lvl 55 NPC's in a lvl 50-54 bracket hitting for up to 4-7k. Who did the QA pass on this stuff?

    Waiting for Wildstar...

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    I was going to make a thread about this as well. GG Lief

    Please nerf guards every scion I have been in has gone nearly the full duration because the NPCs's are pooping on everyone.

    Not every team has the luxury of being healed through them.

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    I think a slight down tuning is necessary, but now they require tactical play. However, last night in a Scion I was a level 50 healer in greens trying to fight one of the elites in church, and my team ran by me to pick up the one stone in the middle. They let me die trying to live against that thing. THAT is the issue. Teamwork should be most important in Scion.
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