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Thread: Sentinel Synergy Crystal

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    Default Sentinel Synergy Crystal

    Where the hell did it go ???
    It's NOT on the vendor in Sanctum anymore.
    Also, the Lietenant Quartermaster is gone...

    wtf ?

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    * Level 50 characters will be able to gain up to rank 50 at which point rank progression will be capped until they reach character level 60.
    * Favor cap increased to 300,000.

    * Updates to Vengeance calculations:
    - Passives and abilities that grant a percentage increase to Spell Power or Attack Power now also apply the same to Vengeance.
    - Debuffs that reduce Spell Power or Attack Power by a percentage now also reduce Vengeance.
    - Abilities that deal damage or healing based purely on Attack Power or Spell Power now gain the proper increase from Vengeance. (ex: Warlord's Recovery Posture now heals for 8% of attack power and vengeance.)
    - In Warfronts and Conquest, Vengeance is always used for all spell or melee calculations. In the open world and duels it is only used when actively in combat with another player.
    - Note: Tooltips do not reflect heal/damage/absorb bonuses from Vengeance.
    * Augments, Runes, and buffs from food that previously granted Valor now grant Vengeance.

    * While in PvP combat, global reductions apply to damage from level 1-59 and healing and absorption from level 1-60. Total amounts can be found in the tooltip for Valor.
    * Because of this, Valor has been removed from PvP gear below level 60.

    * Nameplates now display two icons representing the actor’s immunity to Control effects (the head icon) or Root effects (the foot icon).
    * The amount of Prestige required for ranks 2-50 has been significantly lowered.
    * Level 50 Synergy Crystal bonuses will now activate when mixing pieces from different sets.
    * Removed Notoriety requirements from the Order of the Eye and The Unseen rewards.
    * Changes to pre-60 PvP rewards:
    - Consolidated Order of the Eye/The Unseen and Conquest Rewards. Conquest rewards no longer require Marks of Conquest.
    - Armor/weapon sets: removed set 2, 3, and 4 armor/weapon vendors from Meridian and Sanctum.
    - Lowered the Favor cost and removed rank requirements from set 5 armor and weapons.
    - Lowered the Favor cost of many pre-60 PvP rewards.
    * PvP Daily quests are no longer available in Meridian and Sanctum.
    * Random Daily Warfronts are now available in the PVP menu. Bonus rewards can be gained up to 7 times a week.
    * Level 50 open world, conquest, and PvP Rift Daily quests are no longer available - they can still be turned in if you have them.
    * Marksman: Reduced the damage bonus granted by Shoot to Kill by 50% in PvP combat.
    * Reduced the damage of Marksman's Empowered Shot, Rapid Fire Shot, and Deadeye Shot in PvP combat.
    * Reduced the effectiveness of the following healing abilities in PVP:
    - Chloromancer: Bloom, Essence Surge, Natures Touch (Synthesis Target), Void Life (Synthesis Target)
    - Justicar: Salvation
    - Paladin: Life's Rapture, Touch of Life
    - Sentinel: Healing Breath
    - Void Knight: Fusion of Flesh
    - Warden: Healing Effusion, Healing Flood, Healing Spray, Orbs of the Stream, Orbs of the Tide, Soothing Stream

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