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Thread: PvP in the expansion.

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    Default PvP in the expansion.

    Are PvP ranks / favor resetting in any way at the level 60 cap?
    I was thinking about returning to Rift permanently for this expansion, but if I'm still going to be many months behind the PvP grind when I hit the cap I don't think it'd be worth it at all.
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    No, but if you are far behind then it wouldn't have mattered much. Anywho, you can pvp and earn prestige once you hit 50 now. So I imagine if you choose to do a lot of pvp through the levels you can get some good ranks before you even hit the new end game. Either way it is just ranks, you'll be fine. Play if you want to play.
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    they sped up the progression of the lower ranks so if you are behind you'll catch up fast, also the pvp rank 50 gear will be practically free

    its the closest thing to a full reset that they can do without *actually* reseting the ranks, don't worry about it. if you're going to join any time, this is it!

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