Well, we are about to embark again in a new world filled with all kinds of new adventures, locales, beasties, and war. I'm very excited to still be playing this game. I think Trion is a stellar company and Rift is still the best game out there in the market place as well as the best company. Ok, but enough about that...

In the current state of PVP we have all new challenges ahead of us and new powers and abilities to try and synergize with our current roles. I do want to say that I have nothing against Arena's I think it's been a godsend that Trion hasn't gone that other companies route with arenas and gear rewards with them. The rank gap is well enough a challenge for those dabbling or just ranking up an alt. If Trion does the Arena's as long as they keep it just cosmetic rewards things would be fine. I think that's one of the main reasons I still play pvp mostly is because I know there aren't going to be some uber arena/equiped toons coming to mop up the killing field. Those are my thoughts on the arenas.

CQ will be taking a hiatus while SL is new and everyone is roaming around, leveling, questing. I think since I played in all the betaa that there are some spectacular zones for future CQ maps. So lets hope the devs make this happen!

Also, nerfs are coming with the new xpac..expect and learn to work around them. I myself would hate to have to balance all those abilities, souls, etc...so good luck to all in learning new stuff.

I also want to thank Trion for producing a great game with great content, and for being an awesome company. Thanks for the xpac!

Thanks to all the players as well, we are what make the game great, and Rift's community is second to none!

I do look forward to playing with all of you in the new WF's and new levels we are about to embark upon in the new continents! See you in game!