Just wanted to say that this weekend we all will see the new pvp warfront...now, that being said, PLEASE, oh PLEASE don't flame the boards with negative comments..be constructive and add positive feedback, that's what Trion is asking us for. If you do have to provide negative comments please do it with some tact....and tell them what doesn't work and what does.
I've been in beta since it started and what Trion has done so far is incredible from what I've seen so far of the xpac..there is a ton of new content to devour, new quests, dimensions, and new places to explore...The Necropolis being my favorite place for now.) Not to mention all the carnage quests, Rift Hunts, and Onslaughts(another fav of mine -the best way I can describe this is an invasion gone competely mad), and new dungeons, and last but not least a new warfront.
So, please remember what all they have done and are continuing to do for us players with this awesome expansion pack.
Be considerate, provide positive feedback, and above all else have tons of fun for this coming BETA!
See you in BETA and the new WARFRONT!