This weekend is Open BETA in case you haven't heard - that means ANYONE, and we mean ANYONE can log into the BETA Server to check out RIFT!

Even former RIFT players can copy their characters to BETA by logging into RIFT Lite - so let your friends know if they've been waiting for their chance to check out our first expansion.

Open BETA begins this Friday, 11/2 @ 10AM Pacific and runs through the next 5 days allowing plenty of time to get in on the fun!

Come Get Some PvP

Beyond the two massive new continents, amazing dimensions, and more content than you can chew we've also been hard at work on delivering solid improvements to PVP and expanding our repertoire of available Warfronts.

Yes - there is a new warfront coming and it's name is Karthan Ridge!

You and your team will need to wrest control of an explosive then detonate it near key points in your enemies base. Of course, we'll be using this BETA event as a way to test the gameplay, so anything can change based on your feedback.

As an added bonus - we've got some rewards to earn for your efforts, here's what you can earn all weekend long:
  • Participate in a Karthan Ridge Match
    Reward: "the Ridgerunner" title
  • Be in the top 100 Kills for the entire weekend
    Reward: "Gun for Hire" title
  • Be in the top 100 Saviors for the entire weekend
    Reward: "Combat Medic" title
  • Most Kills for the Weekend (total, not Killing Blows)
    Reward: Future PvP Reward named after a live character of your choice, of course pending our approval!

If you're into PvP we encourage you to take part in as much as you can but we'll also have an event each day to get as many people as we can into the fray!

Here's a schedule for your convenience:

Anyone who kills a Dev in a Warfront during these events will earn "the Rebellious" title for all their characters.

Friday, 11/2 @ 4-6PM Pacific (11PM-1AM GMT)
Shard: BETA
Warfront: Karthan Ridge

Saturday, 11/3 @ 4-6PM Pacific (11PM-1AM GMT)

Shard: BETA
Warfront: Karthan Ridge

Sunday, 11/3 @ 4-6PM Pacific (12-2AM GMT)
NOTE: Please remember Daylight Savings occurs in the US!
Shard: GAMMA (Fluffy will be available)
Warfront: All (Level 60)

Bring your game face - we'll see you there!

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