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Thread: Conquest ideas and solutions

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    Default Conquest ideas and solutions

    I wanted to create a thread that addresses the issues with conquests and allows people to post solutions. Here's the issues as I see them:

    NF is by far the most popular faction
    There doesn't seem to be a balancing mechanic in place

    This leads to:
    NF zergs often refuse to end the game in a timely manner, so that they can farm more favor and prestige
    Players sick of getting trounced by NF mostly just queue NF and hope they get lucky
    CQs that take 2-3 hours on a regular basis, with only one faction earning large amounts of favor and prestige
    A general malaise and discontent among pvpers, frustrated with the general state of the ability to progress

    To which I respond:
    Randomly place all players as they queue, instead of allowing them to choose a faction

    I started playing NF three weeks ago, when I did my first CQ. I had no idea they were the 'dominant' force. In fact, some matches were close or even lost. Since then, its become worse. Ultimately it shouldn't matter, the game should balance players and teams for us, that's the point of having a system in the first place.

    Please post your own ideas concerning the root issues, the symptoms, and the solutions here.
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    I would like to see the mini bosses spawning in random locations around the map. Having them pop in the same 3 locations is boring. Oathsworn always goes after the north one, most of the time grabs the south one away from Dominion, and the West one is left to rot. Meanwhile, Nightfall sits on their butts waiting for Oath to finish so they can continue center map zerging for favor since it's such a far run from the eye to take the mini's away from Oath.

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