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Thread: Warrior CQ tanking spec

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    Default Warrior CQ tanking spec

    Not sure if anyone else has tried this yet but I came up with a warrior build for CQ
    40 champ 26 pally 0 warlord. Key point in champ is to spec into Juggernaurt's Bearing with the amount of people in cq with every attack your going to keep the dmg reduction buff on you because your always surrounded by so many players and doing nothing but aoe dmg to make the buff proc plus you get the aoe fear. with the pally you also get touch of life for that o crap button when your Hp is so low and I like warlord simply for the pull to yank those shard carriers into the middle of the aoe nuke zone. Give it a try and post if you like it or not would like to see if any of you warriors like the build for CQ

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    Default Warrior pvp

    I tried the build after talking to you in CQ, warriors have always been at a disadvantage in there and this is definitely a survivable build. Keep the bleed up with the pacifying strike, provides some nice debuffs for the raid, proper timing and then cornered beast and watch theme fall. A lot of resistance in the build and armor reduction. I was very surprised about the build. Good job.

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