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Thread: Returning player confused about conquest...

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    Default Returning player confused about conquest...

    So I have been away from the game for a few months and just returned to check things out prior to the expansion. This week I have been trying to do some conquest but it just confuses me.

    I get the tasks for the conquest itself, but I don't get the basic concept and how players are utilizing it.
    I chose a side and instantly got a few perks without even doing anything, but as it turns out I can still choose whatever side I want from conquest to conquest? Thats...wierd.
    During the week I been trying to side with the "Nightfall" faction but it just doesn't get me into the game. Just a spot in a queue until the conquest ends. When I signed up for oathsworn or dominion I instantly get in BUT it ends up with me plus two or three more players vs 20 Nighfall players. It seems that the game is really low populated and people are just trying to sign up for the same faction just to get in and get easy points? I am sure this wasn't the intention when they implemented the conquest feature.

    Am I wrong? I just can't see how conquest is a usable feature as of now.

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    The last round of conquest changes Trion made completely broke it, so yeah people go in to get marks or keep their conquest power up so they don't lost the perks and that is it.

    I used to like conquest, not anymore

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