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Thread: Leadership / marking in warfronts.

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    Default Leadership / marking in warfronts.

    Why is everyone not automatically granted assist status in a warfront raid group?

    This is a simple issue that RIFT could have rectified many months (years?) ago if they were in any way interested in doing small things to take unnecessary aggravation out of pvp.
    There is already a solution for this.. just implement it.

    When you are in an evenly matched warfront, the team that has the opposition marked will win 9/10. (provided also that team members work together, but that's another issue altogether.)

    When you enter a warfront and the leader refuses to co-operate or listen, sometimes willfully so, it is extremely frustrating for numerous people.
    Having to stop contributing, in order to type in chat or tells, is a waste of time. By the time you get the leader to listen or play along, the fight is lost.

    In future, if you do not mark or pass assist, I refuse to heal/kill for you. Go do it on your own.

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    > Insert angry rant here about how static target marking is an ineffective crutch for most players who use its absence as an excuse for losing.
    > Point out that it breeds lazy target selection and does not improve the ability of individuals to pick good targets on their own.
    > Close with caveat that dynamic, called target marking is still effective, but note that I can count on one hand the number of people that use it.

    There, saved myself a few thousand characters.
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