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Thread: Access to armor piercing/resistance piercing crucial?

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    Default Access to armor piercing/resistance piercing crucial?

    With the addition of resistance across the board, there's the realization that armor matters after all.
    As soon as this patch finishes I plan to test on the dummy at least (do these things have an armor value?)

    So anyway, with vamp munitions being situational at best I switched to rending munitions (25% armor piercing) and MM is considered to be one of the better performers at the moment. I'm wondering if this is why. That's in addition to another 10% armor piercing gained from fairly low in the MM tree.

    Then there's resistance "piercing."

    This I think could be a problem because access to that seems unfairly distributed. An example - Im playing a necro/elementalist/xx and I can gain a whole 8% resistance piercing. Meanwhile, my inquisitor can gain 30% resistance piercing for single target spells with just a two point investment at 36 points. And We can't forget Inqui's spiritual deficiency and clinging spirit.

    Archon and Warlock can get 9% for 3 points at 15. Pyro can get 10% for 1 point at 15. Seems mages might be getting a bad deal here.

    Those are just a few souls I've taken a closer look at.

    Am I off base on this or do you think this is a potential problem?
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    I don't think it is crucial, just another flavor of damage increase. Armor ignore, resist ignore, % physical increases, % magical increases, %cp generation increases, % boosts to AP/SP pools. It keeps it interesting to have various means of damage increases. I think a fair amount of the specs have access to them.

    MM has it, although I use STM/EM still. NB has resist ignore. Sabs main charges ignore 50% armor. BD has a bunch of armor ignore. Assassins have opener(s) that ignores armor (iirc) and they have a hit or two that ignores armor I think as well. It could be crucial, but a lot of the DPS souls have their own access to it in the tree. That is what I see as far as rogues go.

    And of course the tank/support rogue souls have lots of mitigation.
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