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Thread: Graphics On Res In Conquest

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    Default Graphics On Res In Conquest

    I don't know if this specific to me but when I get ressed in Conquest the colour palette often changes to a more bright green palette and things seem quite a little sharper even in the distance.
    Although today for the first time I got ressed and it seemed like night time. Re-spawning at the base and the palate is just what its like initially on entering conquest.

    Is this somthing to do with Rift or my settings?

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    Sometimes the 'normal' SM world shows up before the CQ version loads. It is sort of weird, I noticed if you go inside a covered area - like where you used to get dismounted - the sky and total zone atmosphere clicks back to the normal world SM settings. Also I found a few obscure death spots where if you die and respawn from those spots the sky never changes into the CQ sky until you die again in a different spot.

    Weird stuff in there
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