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Thread: conquest queueing issue

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    Default conquest queueing issue

    several times now (over the last few days) I have tried to instaqueue as nightfall on shatterbone, since they always win (usually in less than 10 minutes), but even hovering over the button position and clicking as soon at it appears, I never get in. On those rare occasions I do get in it is a few minutes later as the first person in the second raid when it starts.

    what's going on? am I bugged? Is there a guild with a large group and a script out there taking all the first raid? This is especially frustrating when I have a prestige potion running.

    Given the uselessness of anything other than CQ marks right now, this is something that needs to be watched out for as gaming the system is too profitable to be avoided if possible.

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    Same thing here, i insta Que, and then the wait starts, 10-20-30-40 minutes, cant get into a event raid because somehow I get un-qued for the CQ.
    Also u cant go afk while wait because there is no sound-que like the experts
    And when (most times IF) I finally get a pop, the timer is started... i want marks but need favor to rank to.....
    I would love to be able to do CQ's but this is really annoying!!!!!!

    Fix it so everyone can CQ and not the people with fizzy comps, high ranks en ultra low latency

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