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    Maybe this was already posted and I missed it. I have a few Ideals aswell

    1. Conquering faction can stay in zone until say 5 min before next match
    2. Add some more PVE stuff to do while in a won conquest for the winners, ( Also gives more incentive to play properly.
    3. Add a small 1-2 boss sliver only available to wining faction.
    4. add Gathering materials to zone

    This my sound a lot like another games conquest type area, wont mention name, but will give three letter hint WoW If you can combine that + whats currently in Conquest I think it would be a huge hit with PVP AND PVE Folks.

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    Here are hopefully some constructive idea's for how to fix and/or improve the Conquest PVP zone. I lost count of threads, so appologies for duplications.

    Why are you restricted to one spawn point? Why not respawn at the closest faction extraction point? by moving up and being able to respawn at that next extractor, you eliminate the spawn camping fest at the start points. It also makes it easier to stay with your raidgroup.

    Add a button for First available slot. For those that are not queueing as a group/pre-made, we dont really care which faction we end up in. Toss me into the first available location. Possibly add a bonus to this to help solve the problem of not enough people queueing for each faction.

    I also think that you should allow people to sign up at any time and start the game when you have enough peeps like you do for any other WF. Adding the random/first available will help to fill that. If you must have a cooldown, have it be a player based cooldown and not the event cooldown. If you have 800 people that want to get into Conquest and you only allow 200 to enter, your leaving more people out of the event than actually get to participate. then you want to tell us to wait another 2 hours to try and get into the next event. If people cant get into and play the event, they will eventually give up and then no one plays.

    Healing and groups:
    I tried to heal in one Conquest, but that worked about as long as I lived the first time. After I died, it was nearly impossible to get back to my group because I was sent back to the entry spawn point that was across the zone. and when we were attacking the final boss, I was surrounded by faction people of which only a handfull were in my raidgroup. So I'm guessing that my AOE heals were doing nothing.

    You need to be able to easily group up with the people around you. Especially after you die and get sent back to the spawn point. This becomes less of an issue if you can respawn closer to where you died, or if the raidgroup is larger than 20 toons.

    You need to make allowances for viewing your entire faction on the big map if not in the raid view. The 20 toon raid limit has long been one of the big weekneses that prevents you from doing LARGE group/guild events in rift.

    Portals are not labled. For a new player, you have no idea where that portal is going, or even if you want to go there.

    The final boss should spawn in the Eye.

    Lastly, I disagree with Stormchaser. Dont add gathering materials or other PVE items to the PVP zone. That will just distract from the battle. For this same reason, I think that the vendors need to be available outside of the battle zone. I really dont want to loose the game because most of the team was picking flowers or trying to decide which armour piece to upgrade. that should be done outside of the battle zone. not during the fight.

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    Want a constructive feedback?

    Let us play the damn game longer than we sit staring at the cooldown.

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    from my post here


    Ok this is my opinion and ideas on what need to be done to Conquest for the better and in the long run MMO competition with GW2 and TSW, etc that are on their way.

    I suggest most of all you Revamp Conquest mode. Thats the biggest and best way to handle this mode. As is, with the spawn camping, short battles, and long cooldowns, its killing itself of the potential for major Large Scale PvP awesomeness. I will post my suggestion for this at the end since it takes up the most space.

    2) At bases, Place Special WAR FORTRESSES here. With walls that camped players can stand on an attack from. Also have AoE turrets that players can mount here, each with unique effects. Some AoE heals, AoE Shields, AoE Dots, AoE DD, so on.. This gives defensive players a way to push back forces, while also allowing enemy players to base attack, since people seem to enjoy that. (this idea, basically make Base attacking a part of the gameplay rather than an exploit). Give them a reason to.
    Well I suggested in another thread to Have giant satellite dish mounted outside the fort for special zone control attacks. Like Spawning powerful Faction NPCs in places on the map, or raining down laser blast from the sky with the Dish. The dish can be destroyed and repaired. So this gives reason for attacking bases, while at the same time giving the camped, a way to push back forces.

    3)When dying in Camp, place the Defeated players in Ghost form, with a Soul Walk rez timer, so they can move to another location nearby before rezing. WoW's AoE PvP rez works in a similar way. You start in ghost form before rezing. This allows players to at least spread out from the spawn point to prevent players from stacking AoEs there with no way to escape. Specially with hour long cooldowns on Soul Walking...

    4) Siege Weapons and Buildings are needed. Right now, its too easy to destroy and cap the cap points. Too fast. They dont maintain the zerg well for this reason alone. so this sends the zerg running around the map in large circles, without much resistances from anything really. There need to be Building Sieges that can stop a zerg in its tracks for longer than 5 mins. Also the game needs Siege Weapons. Some Siege weapons need to be sturdy and excel at fighting large numbers of players off during zerg fights. this acts as a counter method against the zergs. Allow Crafters to make them, and anybody can mount them. Think back to how WoW did Siege weapons. They were harder to destroy than a player themselves, and did nice AoE damage and CC to large numbers of players at once. This is what Rift needs. Ways for players to counter large zergs.

    5)Matchs need to be longer if you going to have long 2 hour cooldown periods. World PvP doesnt have a cooldown. thats why its world PvP. This conquest mode is a poor simulation of that if it has a long 2 hour cooldown. thats just crazy!! Look at GW2. They at least did something right. The battles are long. 2 week long battles. Players gain points for helping their team. its not a regular instanced arena battle. its a World PvP simulator. Right now Conquest feels like a Warfront with a long cooldown.

    6) Well if you going to keep the long cooldown, at least add a gameplay mode that can be played during the cooldown. it doesnt have to be the same gameplay. It could be a different form of World PvP on the Conquest mode, until the cooldown ends, and players queue into the teams, and it resets. This at least allows players that are interested in this kind of gameplay to at least play it 24 hours rather being forced to do other activities because it may be on cooldown. The Cooldown is ruining this. I resubbed to this feature alone. I dont want to have to Afk for 2 hours of boredom just to play what I enjoy. And I feel nobody should have to wait to play anything they enjoy in a MMORPG game.

    Ok Now to my idea for a Conquest mode in the case you go with the revamp like suggested:
    WAYS to IMPROVE conquest-xaj6u.jpg
    The Map of Conquest Isle

    *Buildings Surrounded by Purple Border is Nightfall
    *Buildings Surrounded by Black Border is Dominion
    *Buildings Surrounded by Yellow Border is Oathsworn
    *Buildings Surrounded by Green Border is Neutral NPC factions that can be influenced to assault enemy control points
    *Star is Main resurrection point that cant be captured. Its also the Ship Ports.

    How it works:
    Each Faction has two Spawn Ports, which act as both a resurrection point, and the ship ports where players mount the ships for use.

    Each Faction starts off with two Keeps. these Keeps have a Keep-Lord that must be defeated to be captured.

    Keeps can also be used as Resurrection Points when captured.

    Faction over time gain Siege Resource, to build Sieges. - Lower the population, the faster you generate Siege resources.

    The Conquest Isle is built off a point system. Faction with the most points at the end of the week wins.

    Conquest points ,are gained from everything you do on the Isle that benefit your faction, including Defense.

    Each Faction starts off with 4 Siege Towers.

    Central keep can be captured to gain the biggest advantage against enemy factions.

    *Grand Keep -
    the Grand Keep is the most heavily defended and hardest to capture. Gaining this in the center of the map, will grant the biggest bonus. Players can resurrect here and spawn Siege weapons here once captured.

    *Concentric Castle -
    the Concentric Castles are the keeps closes to the Faction's port boarder. Its the most defended and strongest of the Faction Keeps. players can resurrect here and spawn siege weapons here.

    *Stone Fortress-
    the Stone Fortress sits between the Castle and the Grand Keep. players can resurrect here and spawn siege weapons.

    *Siege Towers-
    Each Faction starts off controlling 4 Siege Towers. Siege Towers are guarded by Faction NPC guards. The Siege Towers feature long range cannon blaster which allow players to man the turret cannons and attack enemy players on land and water. cannons deal AoE damage. Special bonus effects can be added to cannons from powerups found on the battle field, and by completing event missions on the battlefield.
    *Northwestern Cyclops Arena-
    Here in the northwest sits the vast Arena of the cosmetic Cyclops. Gaining their favor can send forth a army unit of Cyclops Shamans, and Brutes to attack enemy factions.

    *Northeastern Lizard Soldier Village-
    the Lizard Soldiers guard their village from the horrors from the sea. Assisting them will gain their favor, which will send out a army unit of Lizard Riftblades and Pyromancers to attack enemy factions.

    *Southern Vigil Shrine-
    Angels from the boarder of the world in torment at the breaking of dimensions. Assist the vigil and gain their favor, which will send out a army unit of Vigil Paladins and Justicar to attack enemy factions.


    *Siege Mech Suit- (Single Player Control)
    These suits are great counters to air sieges with its rocket sholder and ground troops with its saw blade arm, but feature weak armor against ground siege weapons. poor damage against Walls and Doors.

    *Magitech Warhorse Carriage- (Two Player Control/ Four Player mount)
    the magitech warhorse carriage can carry passengers, and features a flame thrower(driver controlled) to deal AoE damage, and a cannon controlled by one of the passengers. Can include two additional passengers excluding the player controlling the cannon. great against walls and doors.

    *Scorpion Tank- (Single Player control)
    the scorpion gets its name from the way it looks. In the front it wields two powerful Drills used for close combat damage against ground forces, walls and doors. the Stinger is a Acid Spray gun which does AoE damage to enemies hit by it, including Walls and Doors. Heavy Armored against Ground force attacks. Poor Range of attack. Best siege against Doors and Walls.
    ==AIR SIEGES==
    *Blimp- (Three Player Control/ 2 Passenger slots/ 5 total mount riders)
    Great Air to ground attacks, with its bombs. but very poor against other air sieges. features 2 cannons that can be controlled by passengers. 2 more players can hitch a ride in the blimp (excluding the cannon operators and driver)

    *Gryphon Rider- (Single Player Control / 1 passenger slot/ 2 total mount riders)
    The Gryphon rider is the weakest of all siege weapons in Conquest, but they make the best Air to Air combat. Gryphon pilot throws electrified Spears that deal great damage to air sieges. They are fastest of all sieges.
    *Battleship- (Three Player Control/ 5 passenger slots/ 8 total mount riders)
    Battleships feature long range cannons for water to land combat. They can carry passengers, who are given the option to jump on nearby enemy ships to combat on deck. Biggest ship and strongest. But very slow compared to other water sieges.

    *Elven Destroyer- (1 player control / 4 passenger slots/ 5 total players)
    These ships feature powerful drill tips, that deal great damage to other water sieges. Fastest Water Siege. Passengers can board enemy ships.

    *Frigate - (2 player control/ 3 Passenger slots/ 5 total players)
    this ship features a Spear Gun which latches onto enemy ships, and deal damage with a cannon controlled by 1 passenger. other passengers can board enemy ships. great at water to water combat, and water to land. weak defense.

    Lets Go Rift. Hope Archeage can do something next. Lets Save Rift

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stokesey View Post
    Sigh Forums mods are doing their jobs locking excess threads about the same topic regardless of time stamp so since the thread i previously posted in is now locked and destined to become forum trash and highly unlikely to be read I'll re write what i said there, here:

    I'm sorry if the following is highly fragmented, still running on no sleep.

    Due to the changes suggested here, some of it may be feasible while others may lack the tech to do it.

    The goal of Conquest should be to Conquer the map. I suggest revamping each factions keeps to have destroyable gates/walls. Apply more focus on gathering sourcestone. Give each Faction a general/commander. Revamp the rounds in a manner that force confrontation on a offensive and defensive level. As well as apply rewards at the end of each round in a manner like so; 5 Marks to the winning team, 2 Marks to the losing teams. Commanders grant 3 Marks. Do away with the death foci/lich and see my suggestion for round 3.

    Round 1: Control (Payout = 5 / 2)
    The current iteration works great, only slight tweaks needed here. Source stone gathering will be valuable at this and future rounds. Turning in source stone grants Favor/Prestige/CP. Keeps can not be attacked or damaged during this phase.

    Round 2: Dominate (Payout = 5 / 2)
    Faction Keeps become attackable; walls, doors, gates can be destroyed by cannons/catapults/balllista (WMD's). WMD's can be crafted by consuming source stone resources (these WMD's would be found on the faction vendors as recipes.) Crafting one gives you an action icon that when clicked brings up a ground target for you to place on the ground within 5m of yourself. They will automatically attack nearby enemies/destructables that are atleast 10m away but no further then 30m and can be used offensively or defensivly. Faction Commanders are the goal in this phase, within each factions keep a Commander awaits. Killing an opposing Factions Commander and Damaging more then 75% of their keep results in that faction no longer able to respawn within the Conquest match, ie game over for them. Upon conquering a keep, you must raise its defenses for the final round.

    Round 3: Bonus (Timed Event) (Payout = 10 / 5)
    The violence caused within Conquest has attracted the attention of forces from beyond the ward. Invasion type event where the surviving Faction must prevail. Much like the major invasions in most high level zones only tuned to a new Rift element - The Arcane -. The Arcane are beings that do not reside within a specific plane but rather the ley lines between the planes. Their onslaught consists of siege weaponry and assault forces that will attack all keeps ending in a final battle at the center of the map within the eye of regulos. Goal is to destroy the enemy assault forces and their keep that they were able to summon into this reality and slay their general. Only then will your Faction be the true Conquerors.

    So thats how I envisioned conquest and would very much like to see this dynamic in place instead of its current iteration. So maybe for conquest 2.0?
    This is amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majikthise View Post
    Want a constructive feedback?

    Let us play the damn game longer than we sit staring at the cooldown.
    Pretty much.

    The cooldown needs to be redesigned or done away with. Feverishly hitting enter as the timer rolls over to zeros in a mostly futile attempt to get into a Conquest. Get stuck in a queue and the match ends before I get in.


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    Two hours between matches is way way too long. One hour is way too long. Frankly I did not like 30 minutes but would live with it. Change this asap please!

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    Default My Thoughts

    I do not add my input into these matters very often because I feel the devs do a good job of figuring these problems out. I am however a long time PvP player and have seen several different ideas posted here in this thread that are good.

    The whole deal about siege weapons and the what not is a bad idea at this point in time. If we get all of the fun new stuff right now, what are we to look forward towards in the future?

    Ok so my thoughts to improve:

    Que Times - This is a problem, period. I have an very fast computer and a decent internet connection but even with these great tools I miss about every 3rd Conquest match.

    1: Allow us to que up 15 mins early. This allows Trion to balance the three factions ahead of time instead of everyone just clicking a button with their fingers crossed.

    2: Allow for a "first available" or "random faction" button. This could allow people to better their chances for getting in and being able to enjoy conquest. If at some point you decide to rank players in conquest, the random faction in addition to the early que would allow your servers to place some veterans and well geared players with some of the newer and under geared players.

    3: If it is indeed necessary too have a longer period of time between conquest matches, this should be a player based bebuff. If there are not enough players available to start another conquest game, then allow those qued with the "first available" button to go into another match.

    Objectives and PvP: Conquest has been a mess since release because people are inherently only interested in new gear/progression.

    1: You must really make it not only worthwhile, but advantageous to complete what Trion laid out as the "objectives" of conquest. No one really cares about extractors or bosses when you get the majority of favor and prestige can be massively better by killing of scores of enemies. Improve the rewards for completing the more "pve" parts of the game, or eliminate them. Currently it is pointless to go out of your way to gather resources if all your really there for is new pvp gear and your new p50 rank.

    2: The new turrets are great for the spawn camping if you are wanting to deter one faction not feeling they are getting to play the game much, but I would not take this further (at least for now). A lot of people were/are happy going with NF just because there is always someone to fight.

    3: if you want us to continue with the PVE aspects you need to make it far more easy for us to organize into our actual raid groups. Either that or allow for things such as buffs and heals to work for the entire faction, not just those in your particular raid.

    These are just some of my thoughts. I have others on this matter but it is late and I am going to bed.

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    Force some head to head action - make it so you cannot win without holding the Eye and 60%.
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    I'm pretty tired atm, so i havent fully thought it through, but what if the favor/prestige you got per kill was directly related to your conquest control percentage? Give all favor and prestige earned a large boost, but then for example if Dominion controls 45% of the extractors, they are able to receive 45% of the possible rewards, and so on. It would force players to find a good balance between objectives and killing, and this relationship between control and rewards percentage could be tuned to produce the desired results (maybe it shouldnt be a linear conversion or a losing team would get shafted pretty badly at only 10% control or so)

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    I know many have suggested it but they have to take the vendors out of the conquest zone or put a duplicate vendor in the capital cities.

    When you enter the game it is GO. There is no countdown or down time. I can't in good conscious spend any time browsing the vendor and buy stuff in the middle of the battle. I am not wired that way. I am going 100% 100% of the time. Since there is no period of downtime, even after victory, something needs to be changed so people can access the vendor without having to sacrifice game play.

    Also I like TweedleAOA's suggestion above. Perhaps there could be a base favor/prestige/exp gain and then a bonus amount that is divided up based on how much of the map you control. So it would not be a huge advantage but it would give bonus to controlling the map and killing others.

    edit: Also will second the idea some have made about a first available/random queue option. I was originally not in favor of it, but now we play whack a mole and hope the side we pick is not overloaded and are stuck without any chance to play even though other slots may be open. Sometimes I want to choose my side, but sometimes I just want to make sure I get in and get a chance to play.

    I logged on tonight and waited 75 minutes for the next Conquest, and then was stuck in queue for like 45 minutes and then I had another 85 minutes until the next Conquest now.
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    Right now there is little incentive to even queue for conquest. If you don't get into zergspawn on our battle group you have basically lost (I believe this is due to a terrain advantage), there is no more farming so you wait an hour for a 3 minute battle where a) you get no favor, exp, conquest points, or marks b) if you do get a) it's because you dared to queue for zergspawn in the hope you would actually get in rather than wait queued for the whole battle.

    Two losses in codex > 1 hour wait for conquest.

    That notwithstanding, there is a serious issue of coordination. A battle this large cannot hope to function in anything but zerg mode if we players do not have the tools to organize ourselves. We have no way to realistically set objectives for raids, groups etc. If you create a strategy game, it needs the communications required for a multi-player strategy game, wf wide chat isn't it, nor is individual map marks. Right now zerg wins because organizing even one raids worth of groups to attack multiple targets is fail (oh, and it would be nice to at least SEE where the other raids ON MY SIDE even are). Zerg SHOULD fail because it SHOULD be a fail strategy, the reason it wins now is purely down to the lack of organizational tools available to players who are truly PUGing.

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    And for Conquests, rename warriors to Favorbots. With all the AoE flying around we are dead before we can do any damage. Then when someone on the other team actually dies, we don't get any favor/prestige/exp because we respawned back at camp.

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    increase favor for kills within 'Xrange' of a cap point under your control
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    WAYS to IMPROVE conquest-index.jpeg
    double post yea yea just getting my input down
    feel free to merge
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