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Thread: Let's get this carebear train moving....

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    Default Let's get this carebear train moving....

    Now that all the whiners, err carebears got twinks removed. Let's keep the train going and reduce the level brackets in PvP as well to a 5 level difference. Heck why not just do away with leveling, gear grinding, etc. and make everyone the same level with the same gear. Or how about no winners or losers in PvP. Wouldn't want to bruise those oh so fragile egos. That would be so much fun, right?

    Fact is carebears will always complain that they are out geared or other classes are OP. They will never want to put in the time necessary to develop their character and multiple builds whither it's in a 20-29 bracket or at level 50.

    The next complaint will be "we are so undergeared in PvP as a new level 50, Trion please help us!" Or the aforementioned reduction in PvP level brackets.

    Ok, time for the carebears to start the flames... <smirk>

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    This is a cute thread that serves no real purpose except to demonstrate your sandy vaginitis to the rest of us.

    Stop making the rest of us look bad.
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    The only problem is probably if leveling in warfront isn't viable anymore because of too long queues.
    I won't be leveling up another char in a while so I dont know how the queues are now. Anyone tried?

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