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Thread: How to Fix Conquest:

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    Default How to Fix Conquest:

    Make Marks rewarded based of win with much smaller amounts given during the 'bonus' phase. Will provoke people to actually play the game more then exploit an iffy designed pvp match.

    Right now really winning, sure you get to respawn all you want but its not that much of a benefit compared to free farming. You can still in the end practically get the same amount of marks from losing as winning while as the losing side actually gaining a lot more out of it.

    Marks should be given primarily for actually playing a match, not something extra on the side rather unrelated to it.

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    Default Changes that I think will fix Conquest

    I believe the Conquest issues can be solved by combining aspects of PvE and PvP queuing. Conquests should run all day like regular battlegrounds and function almost the same. What I mean by this is each team has a queue for slots. Once all the slots are filled for each team start the battle. If your choice is full you should have an option to try a different team or stay in queue for the next available spot. After you enter the Conquest you should get a debuff barring you from queuing for another Conquest for a certain amount of time; that way warfronts will not become obsolete and people lives won't revolve completely around trying to get in a Conquest match.

    Currently healing is almost useless. I believe this can be fixed by using roles slots like in the Dungeon queue system.

    I don't know if this is already available, but it would be nice to have channels for each raid group and team. It would be a larger version of the raid/party chat setup. It is too easy to lose your group in this game, and I believe being able to distinguish who said what would be of a great help to ease confusion.

    I make Archoning look good.

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    please give marks on win, instead of killing boss. so much more sense.
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