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Thread: Can we have SP and AP not work in PvP and only vengeance on PVP stuff?

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    Default Can we have SP and AP not work in PvP and only vengeance on PVP stuff?

    Wouldn't that solve the balance issues?

    We'd still have crit, but it would be worthless by itself. People wanting to PvE would get PvE gear with AP and SP, people who want to PvP would get PvP gear that only has vengeance... Vengeance only works in pvp, AP and SP only works in PVE... problem solved...

    I'm one of those people who PvPed for the gear and frankly I would have rather spent my time elsewhere (but my guild is kinda slow with the PvE stuff).

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    No. Bad idea.
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    too much of a pigeon hole
    New round up of some high rank matches
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    Default A suggestion

    I posted this somewhere else, but it fits here

    Lost of people are complaining about PvE weapons in PvP, and some other imbalances brought on by the HK crystals. Would a possible fix for this not be something like this:

    Valor = DIRECT opposite of HIT (e.g. 1000 Valor = need 1000 Hit to overcome)

    Would that not effectively make the PvE weapon useless in PvP?

    In PvE , you do need that high output damage from the weapon, because the boss mobs have millions of hitpoints, but in PvP your opponent usually has < 20k.

    Really, Vengeance should be the ONLY ability that can damage a PvP opponent, IF Valor and Vengeance are PvP specific/only stats.

    That being said, I personally favor removal of the Valor/Vengeance stats, and would prefer a system where the sigil/source engine essences would be the things that are useful in PvP (e.g. shorter duration of stun effect, ability to sense rogues [my personal favorite], spell resistance, increased speed/reactions, etc.)
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