I've played Rift since 3 months after it came out. For the first 14 or so months I progressed through PvE content with a top tier raiding guild and then did things outside of raids. ''Things'' such as doing all sorts of dailies and world events and warfronts. I did enough warfronts on this character to get to rank 40 many times over, coming up to a wopping 12,000,000 lifetime favour. I got bored, which is to be expected given how pvp starved the game was if you're not a casual gamer.

Now Conquest. I had fun with it today, a lot of fun. Enough to make me actually login before Infernal Dawn raiding and enough to keep me logged in after the raid like old times.

But then I have to wait 70 minutes before I get to have fun again.

Seriously I wish the company would understand, they keep making this mistake and I bet the guys in the developer mettings make it sound like a great idea to restrict the content for some sort of half thought out reason.

It was the same deal with weekend warfronts. Content which was developed to only be played 15% of the time. The bonus weekends giving extra favor and prestige is fine to be a special weekend only thing. But not content which would be otherwise reducing the monotony of the same warfronts.

Remember when Library of the Runemasters was released as a rotation warfront only, aproximately coming up one weekend a month? Yeah. That was a good idea in some Trion office.

Let us have fun, stop boring your players with these meaningless lockouts for PvP. I've already my fun with doing well over ten thousand warfronts yet my options between Conquest are to stand in Sanctum, do my 10,001st warfront or just log back out...