I thought I'd have a bash at streaming PvP and see how it goes.

My main is a fully r40 geared Cleric though I may occasionally stream my Rogue if I ever bother to rank it up.

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/bizarrre

I have put up a recording and some feedback would be much appreciated. I do intend to do commentary and would probably add some music if I can get the balance right. I like to be able to hear certain effects e.g. Riftstorm and Dominator debuffs.

I mainly heal in WFs and will occasionally DPS/icar depending on what the rest of the group is doing. I like to think I'm a pretty decent healer but you can watch and decide for yourself! I will be streaming Conquest hopefully when it comes out.

At the moment I am using the free version of Xsplit so can only stream at 720p but if I get enough interest might invest in a licence to stream at 1080p.

I intent to do commentary but am having problems getting my microphone loud enough.