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Thread: Adjustments to warrior Bifftstorms.

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    Default Adjustments to warrior Bifftstorms.

    Not to be out done by the Jones...

    Adjustments to warrior Biffstorms.
    We have been playing around on a warrior Biffstorms and stuff and propose the following changes:

    1). All warrior Biffstorm damage is reduced by 20% against other players.
    2). Remove the stuns completely. The damage is to high even after a 20% nerf.
    3). Add more stringent diminishing returns on all forms of warrior biffstorm CC.

    Warrior Biffstorms have been ruining quality pvp for the last few weeks and it needs to stop. We have enjoyed pvp since 1.7 and qued for warfronts every night and weekend but the negative impact of warrior Biffstorms on team based play and coordinated pvp is so awful we have stopped queing entirely. We just do the daily for experience and stop. Pleat fix this and let the player base enjoy pvp again.

    Please Note: this is not a thread about rogues nor was a particular player mentioned in this post. Keep it civil and on topic.

    *** Or as others have mentioned, lets prevent pve gear from being used in pvp, and thus unbalancing things. After we have a controlled environment to actually test how spec mechanics line up against the rest of the classes, the devs can more accurately balance things.***
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    Hi everyone,

    We already have several ongoing discussions about this topic. If you'd like to share your thoughts, you'll find the main discussion threads here:

    We're going to close this thread and ask that this discussion continue in one of the threads linked above so we can keep the discussions about this topic a little better consolidated.

    As a friendly reminder, we do recommend using the forum search function (searching in thread titles works best) and checking through the last couple pages to see if there is already an existing thread about a topic you'd like to discuss. When topic discussions are consolidated, it not only makes it easier to use the search function, but it also aids the Rift Community and Development Teams when reading the forums and gathering feedback from your posts, ideas, and concerns.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you!

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