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Thread: Could DPS Ever Really Be Balanced?

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    Default Could DPS Ever Really Be Balanced?

    In my personal belief the answer is yes. Would this be an easy task for the Devs.. no.

    Lets take control, interrupts out of the equation. Now you would also have to exclude souls such as tank and support, and just focus on dps souls and classes. The Devs would have to look at all classes that are considered to be DPS and adjust the configurations of the soul trees, GCDs, and rotation.

    By taking a simple DPS meter and tweaking the damage of each ability dps can be adjusted to be more even. We have to take into consideration though that this would have to be done with all classes equally geared in Tier. The adjustments would scale with tier, however any player who has an advantage in gear would also have the advantage over dps. Aoe's would have to be adjusted on it's own considering single target rotation does not increase damage output by x factor.

    It's not my opinion that any class should be over powered to meet the demands of the players, however after close look at each dps soul within each class, not ever build is viable for pvp or pve encounters. This makes more builds common than more unique builds to give players freedom of choice of how they wish to play their characters.

    Would they?
    Hard to say. I believe adjustments are always made in demand of the encounters set forth and to encourage such roles to be utilized. Trion as well as most liner games do not adjust the classes accordingly. I believe the soul builds are different but considering that they would defend the current system by player choice of how they build their characters I doubt we see any resolve to this effect. I do believe it can be done though and make more 51 builds like Warlock, Bladedancer, Beastmaster, and others more viable.

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    Given what people seem to consider 'balance', the simplest and only reliable method is to ensure exact parity in dps by providing fixed gear and identical specs/optimal rotations.

    Let's guess what part of that doesn't work in an MMO.

    DPS can certainly be 'balanced', IN AGGREGATE, across multiple scenarios/types of combat/whatever, but you'll never have perfect 1v1 parity across all classes/class combinations so long as they are distinct (and have different options for synergies).
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    Perfect balance is impossible without completely homogenising the souls/callings. That is the exact opposite of what Rift is about and I sincerely hope they do not go down that route.
    There will always be mathematically superior options, that is something everyone needs to accept. What we should all be working toward is the generation of a variety of specs that are best for different situations so that each style has a niche.
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