Trion I understand that posting in the Player Vs Player thread can be daunting and at some times risky because of certain codes of conduct that the community managers and developers must adhere too. But please with all due respect stop being afraid and keep the PvP community informed. Tell us what you plan on doing tell us why you did something regarding souls and spells or anything PvP related. People don't like being kept in the dark. There can be a lot of mean and nasty players who threaten to quit because of certain issues, but that's just because they love this game and want to provide their feedback but feel that they are not listened too. Sure we have our collection of forum trolls pve love birds and die hard pvp fanboys but please. We want to know your opinions and reasons for doing things. I want you guys to start posting on this section of the forums a lot more, with reasons for doing stuff and reasons why you cant do stuff, I'd also like you to pass word on to hartsman to start letting you guys tell us things a little more in advance. So we the players can more effectively voice our opinions on topics that are otherwise just plain unproductive.

So Trion please talk to your community about PvP topics and the reason for changes. Thank you, a loyal pvp'er. Also I mean no Disrespect to anyone at Trion in this thread.