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Thread: New idea for a WF

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    Default New idea for a WF

    Not much of a poster, more of a lurker on the boards, but I had this idea and wanted to share it. Sounds really fun to me but I might be missing something.

    Basically its a deathmatch with assigned names. At begining everyone gets a different name for their target, so everyone will be yellow except your target which would be red. You can kill the yellows or heal the yelllows if you like but it won't move you along. Now if the killingblow is landed by you on your target he cannont rez, he may watch or leave WF but he is out. You then get a new targets name that will become red, who someone else will also have and hasn't elimatinated from the game yet. If you get the killing blow on this target, not only is he out, but also the person who orginally had this target. This keeps going until there is only one left. Highest on the board gets the most favor/prestige/exp, and slowy decreases till last person.

    I realize stealth classes would have a major advantage, so I suggest a pulse that goes off every 30 secs to bring everyone out of stealh and put them going back into stealth on a 5 sec CD. Then they could still use there class mechanic but they couldn't perma sit in it either.

    Thoughts? Stupid, great, overlooking something?

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    No teams, pure DM, multiple random spawn points, kill limit.

    Rift flavored 90's FPS.
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