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Thread: The "killing spree" and-so-on-popups

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    Default The "killing spree" and-so-on-popups

    I was still on a break when this feautre came to the game, and im not born english so im wondering what they actually meen.
    I can figure out that "saving" meens you healed someone that was low on HP...but the others I dont know.
    WHat have you done when the voice says "is on a killing spree"...." jauggernaut"....and what else there is.

    pardon bad english

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    From this thread: http://forums.riftgame.com/public-te...-feedback.html

    The only thing not mentioned:
    Killing spree = 3 kills with no death
    Rampage = 6 kills with no death
    Unstoppable = 9 kills with no death
    Quote Originally Posted by Elrar View Post
    Warfront Accolades
    List of Accolades

    All Warfronts
    • First Blood - First kill of the match, team awarded favor bonus.
    • Killing Spree - Kill 9 enemy players without dying. Opposing team receives bonus for killing them.
    • Annihilation - If you wipe the entire opposing team with at least one person alive on your team you will receive a bonus.
    • Juggernaut - take massive damage over a significant period of time.
    • Savior - Heal of shield a player that is being attacked and at low health.

    Black Garden
    • Invincible - Hold the fang longer than any mere mortal could!
    • Death Wish - Given to the first player to grab the fang

    Whitefall Steppes
    • Reclaimer - Return a flag to your base 5 times in a single match
    • Double Threat - Return your flag while carrying their sourcestone

    • Defender - Interrupt or reclaim your control point before the enemy claims it for their own!
    • Total Control - Control all 4 points at the same time

    Port Scion
    • Massacre - Slay as many of their sourcestone carriers as you can!
    • Demolition - Destroy both of your enemies towers
    • Double Down - Kill both Lieutenants before they resurrect an Idol

    Escalation: Whitefall Steppes
    • Blitz - First person to pick up a stomstone receives a bonus
    • Sabotage - Take a stormstone out of the enemy base

    Library of the Runemasters
    • Mass Martyr - Entire team receives a bonus if you can hold on to 4 or more relics at the same time.

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