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Thread: whitefall stepps

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    think a lot of people love the current version more than the other version, due to the shards spawning in the middle it prevents teams from just clamming up in the base after capturing one shard and with the multi shards allows other tactics like shard stealing from bases

    The only thing I'd say/suggest is revert the speed buff nerfs for people carrying shards, I'm NOT talking the speed increase power-ups in the wf just the soul/class specific ones, atm every tom **** and harry on their 60% speed mounts can ride down a shard carrier with ease, so players with the audacity and cheek to sneak into the opposing base and trying to steal the shard end up getting nuked, reverting the soul/class speed up powers gives players a chance of getting across the field alive rather than the current way which completely penalizes them.

    and seems god help anyone named dikky (drop the y and swap the first K to a c, lol) cause seems something the forums censors that word automatically regardless of context lol and iirc ain't that another name for Richard?
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