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Thread: Essence.trinket healing nerfs? How much?

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    Default Essence.trinket healing nerfs? How much?

    How much did shielding/healing jewlry/greater essences get nerfed for exactly? Does it say anywhere?

    It really, really annoys me when it's so vague. I don't care if something is nerfed or buffed but I want exact percentages so I can accurately decide if I want to stick with Hailstone tideshard, Frozen deep one tear and Token of warding, or switch back to using a full valor sigil and trinket.

    Anyone seen any posts of the figures?

    I tested in a duel, and they absorb the full proper amount. But we all know how bugged duels are at ignoring things like pvp reductions or vengeance. It's really really hard to accurately test in an actual warfront due to the faster pace and lots of tiny ticks of damage..

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    Sacred Heirloom of Eth heals for 545 in pvp.


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