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Thread: Druid faerie heals not showing up on pvp leaderboard?

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    Default Druid faerie heals not showing up on pvp leaderboard?

    Due to a combination of nerf and ID coming out, i replaced my go to for pvp 51warden spec with 51puri. I have been trying 51druid in warfront... does ok. I usually run with the faerie, since my rank/gear isn't that high and it helps a lot with survivability though my damage of course is gimped. But i notice very low Heals done on the leaderboard, when my addon has reported 900HPS at times when my faerie is group healing + use cd. One time i zoned in to warfront, someone changed into tank spec and my faerie was chucking out heals to heal them to full. I checked leaderboard and I was at 0 heals. Is this on purpose or bug?
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    Had the same experience. Dunno if it's suppose to happen or not but it doesn't seem pets contri are added thier master.

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    i posted a thread about it few days ago,its not only farie healing but its also pets damage,i think its bad enough that pet specs scales like shi t ,they dont contribute at all in the score board.
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