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Thread: How to tell in Warfronts when people are in range

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    Default How to tell in Warfronts when people are in range

    I have done a lot of internet searching and I cna't seem to find anything on the colors of the Raid. Would like a legend of the colors. I did see that light green means line of sight (though it was within range.) what are the other colors?

    Also is there a way by the colors to tell if someone is in range?

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    Dark green = out of line of sight or out of range.
    Light green = in line of sight, but not necessarily in range.

    It'd be nice if Trion tightened up the range at which a player went from dark green to light green. You do get a sense of who is and isn't in range after you heal for a while. I like to use Marked by the Light as a range check because it's not on the GCD.

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    I know exactly what you mean. Light green, you have line of sight on the friendly. Red outline around the raid frame means that target is being attacked. Darkened is out of range or no LoS.

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