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Thread: Matchmaking is the worst it has ever been!

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    Default Matchmaking is the worst it has ever been!

    Tonight doing some WFs I was routinely in games that were not ranked. To make it worse there were several games where almost all the R40s were on the same team...both defiants AND guardians. One team had maybe 1 or 2 R40 the other team had 8 or more from both factions. Why in the hell is your game Trion putting the high ranked guardians AND defiants on the same team? I can see if they were all high ranked defiants or guardians but they were both on the same team facing a sub 25 rank rag tag team.

    These kinds of game are not fun and people do not pay monthly subscriptions to not have fun.
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    ya i almost forgot matchmaking was in, its so bad with spawn camps of late and especially on weekends
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    It was awkwardly bad last night on Brocliff. Reminded me that my 7 days was up and that I could xfer to Seastone. Least both sides started winning again. Was weird as can be - series of matches, and no matter how the people got mixed it, seemed like guardian always won. I mean, one of the times there were only 4 guardians on the guardian team of 10...it was the one time I can't say guardians or defiants were sucking. RED WAS KILLING ME.
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    My experience as a Guardian has generally been as follows:

    Seastone cluster- Guardians lose the majority of matches
    Brocliff cluster- Guardians win the majority of matches

    On the brocliff cluster, I've observed that the majority of my challenging/ranked opponents are from briarcliff. If Trion can figure out the tech to consolidate the two remaining clusters into 1, maybe we'll see more generally balanced matches.

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    Yeah, matchmaking is in a sad state right now. I think many of us in the upper brackets would be willing to trade shorter queues for better games.

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    Merc system should be used to balance out the sides for matchmaking.
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