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Thread: Twinking and You - A gamers guide to dealing with the massive imbalance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jural View Post

    I also think that some people who *think* they want skill-based PvP may return to Rift once they see how high the bar is when it's about lightning-fast thinking and twitch reflexes along with an encyclopedic knowledge of what abilities your opponent is casting and how you can counter them with your own set of abilities.
    This is what helped em to excel in playing Rift PvP. Seeing buffs on other classes, going through soul systems to find out what these buffs are, whating what other people do in warfronts, reviewing my damage logs and taking note of what abilities are doign what...

    It kinda helps I'm an alt-a-holic. I've played each of the 4 classes, with the warriors being my least favorite, pyro being my favorite (starting to take a second place to my rogue now), and cleric being my least favorite, except before the heal nerf, where healing was one of the greatest joys I had in a warfront and in raids.

    Selecively watching what people were doing and learning their builds has helped me a great degree, and would help many others, but far too often, people don't want to put that same degree of effort into how they play. Even in GW PvP, a lesser geared, lesser player could still contribute. In Rift, that is rarely the case.

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