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Thread: Since when is camping a player called kill trading?

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    Default Since when is camping a player called kill trading?

    I was returning the favor and camping someone in stillmoor and the next day I get an email saying I am kill trading. They say they have logs for proof but wont provide them.

    I have all my pvp gear and all the faction from the pvp vendors. I do not need to kill trade to get anything and never have.

    I am thinking maybe the person I was camping knows someone on the inside and is trying to get my account banned because he can not handle being camped.

    This was a few weeks prior to 1.8 as well so there were no leaderboards yet.

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    Someone was just mad that s/he was idiotic enough to keep respawning despite the fact you were there camping them. Ignore that person and don't worry about it.

    It's not griefing or trading kills to spawn camp a member of the opposite faction that is flagged for PVP.

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