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Thread: Monday morning thoughts... on Sunday (heals, dmg, debuffs, purge, etc.)

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    Default Monday morning thoughts... on Sunday (heals, dmg, debuffs, purge, etc.)

    I usually let the patch shake out for an entire wf weekend before commenting on big changes, but I don't feel the need to hold off until monday this time. Pretty obvious what needs adjustment at this point.

    Warriors have been overtuned. Again. They need a flat 5-10% damage reduction. Again. I don't know what's more depressing: that we're back here so soon, or that it's now glaringly obvious Trion doesn't take into account pvp feedback from the pts. If you're an intelligent and dedicated pvp tester, you might as well just save all of those pts threads for the moment the patch goes live.

    Healing, in isolation, is actually not in a bad place right now. The warden nerfs might be over-so-slightly overdone (could stand to be cut by a quarter, maybe), but the raw numbers aren't an issue... until you introduce a heal debuff and/or erradicate. Against clerics and mages, I'm holding my own. Rogues and warriors, on the other hand, are running me over.

    I (and countless others, no doubt) have long advocated that heals are only truly OP in the absence of a heal debuff, and that any blanket nerf to heals should necessarily be paired with a corresponding nerf to heal debuffs. Ideally, a dps without a heal debuff should be able to provide some pressure while a dps with a heal debuff should be a legitimate threat. Right now, all dps are threatening and heal debuffs are a death sentence. Just reduce the heal reduction (you heard me) from 50% to 40%. That should tone down warriors, rogues, and general focus fire (which are the three things obliterating everyone atm).

    The second issue is erradicate, which has been on deck for a nerf pretty much forever. The only thing keeping that nerf at bay was warden. When stacks of 5-6 instant cast hots are generating way too much aggregate survivability, we needed a reliable purging mechanic as a legitimate counter. Now? Not so much. Instead, erradicate is trivializing both the mediocre hots *and* the crucial life-saving cool downs and self-buffs (which clerics have never needed more badly). Time to slap an 8ish sec cd on erradicate.

    Last thought: heal siphoning for rogues might need a slight downtuning as well. The heal debuff seems deadly enough at this point without also functioning to generate significant healing for the attacker.
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