I don't feel it's fair that even as a lower rank rogue, I can spam Eradicate and tear off buffs like Serendipity. Then again, my opinion on its own means next to nothing, thus this thread.

To answer the question, I suggest looking at the issue like this: What constitutes a buff being so essential to a build that it gets Can't Touch This, or CTT (TM) status?

Some buffs have already received CTT status. I don't have a list in front of me, but I know that Slayer's Bearing is one of them. Yet that's just a damage increase is it not? What about buffs like Glyphs of Power being Free-To-Purge, or FTP (TM)? That's just a damage increase too, isn't it? Or are the Bearings so essential to warrior damage builds that making them FTP would be suicide to the builds' usefulness? (Which isn't necessarily the case with a buff like Glyphs of Power).

I would argue that Serendipity is essential to some cleric builds though, similar to some Justicar buffs, which I believe share CTT status with the Slayer family. Now that HoTs are nerfed, the importance of buffs like Serendipity is highlighted and the buff is less likely to be hidden behind 2-3 rows of awesome HoTs due to the fact that HoTs are not so awesome anymore.