Since 1.8 dropped and sabs have come into some sort of usefulness, there has been soooooo many dots flying around.
Now I always cleanse the nasty dots (heal debuff) and such, but it's beginning to be more of a chore than anything.

I could have up to 10+ dots to clean up before i hit the healing debuff,
in some cases i have a stack of 10 in one dot to get through.

But then there is the otherside of the coin.
How do you make dot based spec viable in pvp without having so many flying around?

-Make actual damage dots undispellable?

-Make Utillity DOts (snears,slows) undispellable?

-Have no stacking dots? (not sure how this would work with sab, exclude maybe)

Curative waters (26 warden) dosen't do much with a CD on it, same as Sterilize (26 Pur) of a 45sec CD.