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Thread: My view on PvP in 1.8 so far

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    Default My view on PvP in 1.8 so far

    If a single class is getting severe penalties in the near future I can assume there is some favoritism based on what I am seeing. The big problem is every classes AOE. Yes every classes. It is a bit too much at the moment.

    I would suggest if you do go back to nerfing please don't single out a specific class nerf everyones classes AOE by 10-15%. Then go back and up valor by another 10% max and we have a manageable warfront Maybe add some t2 pvp essences so pvpers have something to grind for and have it up the valor through the essences.
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    Need to give it more time. Damage between the classes is relatively even. AOE is fine in pvp. I think players are going to need adjusting in regards to Playstyle. Ranged dps needs to start putting on some valor gear. Start using CC. It is amazing how few people actually use all the abilities available to a class.

    Overall though pvp seems even against good players. If that makes sense. Against a mass of bads who never use CC and stack up like sheep pvp is kind of boring. I hated the nerf to sweeping strikes but warrior dps is fine. Does not seem overpowered per se. Demands on how good the guy is I am fighting. Now if the guy stands there and does not move he is dead. Way it should be.

    He'll. I can't even run to avoid a damn fireball.
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