What did you do in the last patch with the cleric? I wont loose a word about the heal nerf, its challenging and will prob lead to 60-70% of mediocre clerics to reroll, but ok, i have enough fire power with my dmg class to take advantage out of it.

Here is my question: Why would you ever change cleric skills to scale with int??? Coming from 23% dogde and parry cap you now leave me with 9 % /12 % dodge parry. First its really not cool to get the heals nerfed and decreasing the defense at the same time, but here is the thing...

When you made 1.5 patch and deeply changed cleric skill trees you clearly stated that you dont want clerics to stack int or go after int equip, now you even let stats solely skill with int ? Can you please make a decision where or what you want the cleric to be, i dont see any consistancy in your changes. Once again no qq over the heal nerf, but why reinstall int for clerics in 1.8 justifying it with "less dependent on dodge and parry for mitigation". Reduce dodge parry then, but dont let it scale with int out of a sudden, or will next pvp Rank items (where are they btw....seems lazy to me) include higher int stats ? Perhaps i am missing sth in your schematics, but if you want int the main stats for mages, wis again for clerics, please dont mix with the scaling then.

Do you intent to make int again a crucial stat, or do you leave it as the "crit pusher?" What is the goal with the cleric?