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Thread: Deep Purifier with sentile support build

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    Default Deep Purifier with sentile support build


    I'm a returning player who is currently re-leveling with a few friends. I was wondering how a heavy purifier build does in pvp. It is difficult for me to test it in the lower brackets due to the short kill times, but I was hoping 1.8 might make a "pre-casting" purifier play-style viable in 50 wzs.

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    I think it'll be a few days before the healers can convene and decide on viable PvP builds. Puri can't be worse than warden though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Majorin View Post
    Think of a 30 meter circle around all ranged dps rogues and mages. Ranged dps can stand in the back line and focus fire targets without worrying about mobility and most forms of cc.
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    Sounds like an excellent plan for your healers to follow as well, as they have an even longer range on their heals.

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