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Thread: Give me a reason to re-sub, Trion. PvP does not even exist to you.

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    Default Give me a reason to re-sub, Trion. PvP does not even exist to you.

    The PvP in Rift has so much potential to be great, but you are holding it back. There is no true "contested zone" like Halaa, Auchindoun, Wintergrasp and Tol Barad in the game whose name I won't bother mentioning. There is no rated battlegrounds, no arenas. What PvP in Rift amounts to is a slow, painful, and extremely monotonous gear grind with no real reason to even make the grind. Occasionally you'll have some Warfront battles that make you say "hey, that was a good match," but those are few and far between the pubstomp facerolls when one team has a clear advantage in group makeup or gear.

    There is no system whatsoever to promote factions duking it out, much less small groups of players. Tera is opening their doors very soon, Guild Wars 2 is just a couple months away, and the MOBA genre is gradually chipping away at the MMO audience and taking those who would rather have a quick competitive thrill over a painful gear grind that gets you no accolades.

    I had really, REALLY high hopes for this game when it was released, but the severe lack of PvP content has all but killed my drive to play this game. Unless changes are made, I will not re-sub, my wife will not re-sub, and I guarantee you that a handful of other players have already left for this same reason, or will continue to leave for this reason. If by some miracle you decide to put in something new that actually has a chance to breathe some life back into Rift PvP, be sure to include it in the Riftwatch newsletter so I actually know that you made an effort to save some of your customers.

    Just give us something. Anything. Your class system opens the door for so many possibilities in small group/arena combat. Make use of it!

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