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Thread: PVP Queue System

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    Default PVP Queue System

    Dear Trion,

    So it's been almost a year now and NOTHING has been done to address the way a Warfront Queue happens for both sides as far as ROLE SETUP.

    I would simply like to propose that you guys do THREE things:

    1) Allow everyone to queue for PVP just LIKE Random Experts; i.e. we SELECT all the ROLES Heals/Dps/Tank that we are interested/willing to play in PVP.

    2) Design the PVP Warfronts so that each warfront has a certain number of ROLES per Warfront to fill.

    3) Once people get into the Warfronts as a certain ROLE; ensure they can NOT change that ROLE. So that way Warfronts are more fun with a BALANCE of ROLES rather than queue'ing up and having 6 Wardens/Healers determine which side is going to win.

    This has been truly frustrating and often too common.


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    As entertaining as the thought would be, it won't work. Part of the strategy of a good player... is knowing when to switch roles to what is needed to counter the opposition (assuming it's not just a blowout). Making it so folks couldn't switch roles, would kill the diversity and strategy. All that said... I DO agree that it would be nice to see folks using their heads and playing more than 1 role or soul combo... every single warfront. Having people intelligently filling needed slots is one of the reasons a premade can really do well.

    Switching melee dps to a runner build, then off to a battle bard, is part of what makes the soul system fun for me. I'm not sure of what the best way to promote players to play smart is, but forcing them into a role is not going to work. Hell even in T2s... half the time folks don't play their "role" and play another. Everyone wants to DPS...
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    This idea goes directly against the versatility of the soul system. The entire point is being able to change on the fly. Even in the LFG dungeon tool I some times get DPS and end up tanking or healing because it's better for the group.

    Also, Warden spam nerfed in 1.8 . . . you won't see nearly as many.
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    Its threads like this that created the reason why your queue time for warfronts are abysmal if setup as a pre made.
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