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Thread: Omg

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    OMG, Twinked R40 NB/RS Paragon Pyro Mercs are ruining my life. They are appearing from behind me from stealth and impaling me, then squirling me and throwing me off cliffs while killing my kittens. Then they teleport and bullrush me for fun, while having freaking immunity from damage. By the time I hit the bottom, they are ready for me.. and Sanction Heretic me while Warden healing themselves to full (from the damage they didn't take) then go all Chuck Noris on my arse with a two hander and a shield... all while we're in a warfront together and their really part of my side but are Merced today. I don't pay $$ to Trion to put up with this, FIX it or I leave!

    Just saying... had to have a whinegasm nice and early in the morning for some folks. Discuss!
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    /yawn .

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