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Thread: Need proper title via ratig.

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    Default Need proper title via ratig.

    We all know rift title is free by just joining in.
    I am sick and tired of incredibly noobs thinking 'geared people grouping' is good people's premade.
    need proper title system in pvp like any other mmo.

    and add the arena already. who wants to kill peple who run back over and over again.
    i guess some do but rift is apparently very underestimating pvp content because in wow, guild war, or any other strong pvp mmo, arena occupies the prime pvp part with main titles.

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    Arena never took off in EQ2. Never.
    Also titles were nothing but a disaster for open world PvP. You gained titles by kills. You could also lose them, from being killed.
    All it resulted in, was high ranked toons sitting in town, not venturing out unless they were running with a stacked group or a raid.

    I think, I may be wrong, the title system has now gone from PvP in EQ2 in the hope of encouraging open world PvP again.

    So no. I don't agree with your post.

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