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Thread: Dear Trion: Thank You For 1.7 ... You Won Me Back.

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    Default Dear Trion: Thank You For 1.7 ... You Won Me Back.

    So, being the lazy bum I am ... I figured I would just post my thanks here in the PVP forum.

    When Rift first came out, I was really excited and immediately leveled a Mage and Cleric to 50 within the first month. I then went through the loooong grind to max their PVP ranks & gear (was r6 back then).

    My experience at the time was awful, and it was absolutely painful getting those toons up the ranks (especially when playing in a Defiant dominant server). I eventually deleted my account and quit the game, because I just didn't see the fun in kicking other r1's teeth in, especially because I went through the grind first.

    Last month, a friend, adamant about getting me back into Rift ... had me sit down and read all the improvements you have made to PVP. I absolutely love the many steps you took to balance everything out, and make the entire experience more enjoyable with mercenaries and better matching. While far from perfect, I was deeply impressed by how quickly (and the degree to which) you responded to your player base.

    I have begun a new sub and am enjoying leveling my new toon through WFs. I appreciate your hard work, and while it is rare ... you have won back an old customer.

    Keep up the good work.

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    1.8 is coming out soon, you might change your mind.

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