So I'm just in this Codex match on my warrior pushing ever so slowly to rank 12 when I can finally equip new weapons (and redo my build to make up for the loss of hit rating -.-) and I'm running up the rocks to
Codex and all of a sudden BLAM...squirreled.

I kid you not, without seeing who did it, and without ever knowingly facing off against this guy in PvP, I was like, "I know that squirrel...fuuuuuuuu...." and I look over....

...and a wild Bleedz appeared.

After he mulched my rank 11 warrior, I noticed someone on my team was kind enough to have put a '1' over his head, so I spent the rest of the match chasing after him.

You won every fight, Bleedz, but how did that Lingering Wounds taste? Huh? HUH!?!